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  1. I've done the obvious things like creating files and folders on the drive to test ACLs.
  2. I rebuilt my notebook, installed and updated utorrent and have had this problem ever since. Although since I am a reviewer I have done several rebuilds and every time I have to request a new license number, even though I save the key files for each machine. I note that you were not backward about taking more money for the subscriptions, although really I should be getting a refund for the endless months I have been struggling with this problem.
  3. I can't find an option to just see my postings (WTF?). I paid for ad free licenses for my machines, but despite frequent complaints they continue to display ads. This has been reported several times, and I have tried to follow the worthless, unnecessary procedure for getting a new license after every rebuild. As a tester this is a wasteful overhead and suggests utorrent is not the right product for reviewers and testers. After the latest update, utorrent not only displays ads (one a porno apparent rape scene), but it cannot write to resume.dat. I've done all the usual things like renaming files, checking that I can create files/modify files in that amateurish location. But any time I reboot I get back an empty utorrent that DEMANDS that I click through the 'new' search feature briefing. You have taken my money and not provided the ad free service.