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  1. When I read this site's advice to update µTorrent to version 1.8.7 I went to the main page > and download the latest version. When downloading µTorrent Stable(1.8.7 build 43796) for Mac a warning from my antivirus popped up. It reads, "Infection Found! _ µTorrent.dmg infected with PUA.OSX.InstallCore" (See attached clip of the warning) I deleted the .dmg. Then, I went to the Mac download page > and tried downloading from there. I had the same results, so, I deleted this .dmg too. . I am using ClamXAV v2.17/0.99.4 (3603) for my antivirus program. You can see a clip of the information ClamXV showed from its scan of the .dmg for µTorrent Stable(1.8.7 build 43796) for Mac (See 2nd image) . This is the best antivirus program for Mac. It catches problems before the other, so called, great antivirus programs Norton and McAfee get their updates out. I USED to use them, but not anymore. . So, how do I upgrade my version of µTorrent for Mac safely? Thanks for your help.