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  1. No. I thought he left coding of utorrent sometime ago. I was saying that if some new guy took coding of utorrent.
  2. it seems that some foreign guy came and sabotaged utorrent development.
  3. I wonder why nobody encountered and reported this problem. With all utorrent 3.0 versions sometimes finished files are left in download folder. I am using custom download folder and defined another folder on the same drive for finished files. My Os is win7 x64.
  4. upnp was working with v2.2 but with 3.0 i got an error : [2011-06-26 14:11:03] UPnP: ERROR mapping TCP port 28088 -> Deleting mapping and trying again: (401) Unknown result code (UPnP protocol violation?) My modem is speedtouch 585v6 and i am using win7 64 bits
  5. Close or minimize to tray is disabled but right clicking taskbar and closing sends utorrent to tray as icon. Windows 7 x64, utorrent 2.0
  6. That helped! I have set it from 15 to 5 (TCP in+out only). Uploads dropped from 20kb/s to 18kb/s. Downloads are now 100kb/s.
  7. Yes, bt.tcp_rate_control = false in advanced. How can i disable uTP outgoing? I couldnt find it
  8. Thanks for reply. Didnt installed ipv6. Disabled overhead calculation, disabled tcp rate limiter, no luck ! . Still uploads higher than my limit and a low download. I think i will continue to use 1.8
  9. Any build of utorrent v2.0 doesnt respect my upload limit. Always tries to upload with full capacity and download is always %20 lower than any build of v1.8. No problem with 1.8. What can be the cause of that ? I dont use any firewall/antivirus. I have 256/1024 adsl line with a speedtouch ST585v6 modem. OS: windows7