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  1. So anyone else have a streaming problem where streaming time is the same as the ETA for the download finishing? This means I can't stream at all until the dl is finished, defeating the entire purpose of streaming. Also, since when was the built in player updated to look different?
  2. Can anyone tell me why in the media player in all versions of 3.3 stable does not stream and looks completely different than all the others? For example, I can stream in 3.4 alpha with the built in player before my download finishes, but in 3.3 stables, the ETA and Stream times are exactly the same, ie I can only download then play. The player looks different. it used to be green/silver, now its blue? Can someone explain this or is this just happening to me? I've reset my appdata folder and everything... This is the built in player in 3.3 stabl, streaming broken http://imgur.com/UIe5eLw This is the regular player that worked fine before I updated: http://imgur.com/RBKFmM4 I know this isn't a plus issue since 3.4 alpha has the same player...