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  1. flacseeds

    WebUI v0.315

    anybody got any suggestions on my firewall issue?
  2. flacseeds

    WebUI v0.315

    OK, I upgrated to beta 483, installed the webui.zip, and configured it for basic access on the same port I use for torrents. my setup: torrent server behind a linksys router/firewall on dsl. ports are forwarded correctly. utorrent/ftp/remote administrator/pc anywhere all work fine webui will only work correctly from within the firewall outside the firewall, I can log in remotely via FF, but I cant see any torrents. It shows me as having zero torrents in all the lists on the left, and nothing shows up in the main window. I can get into options and tweak the settings, it does indeed change them. I even added a torrent from a local file to the remote server. it still didnt show any torrents in the webui, but it did in fact load in the actual program. any clues as to why it is not displaying my torrents? I have almost 1000 (less than 50 are active, the old files are more placeholders for me to know what I've dl'd in the past) could that be the problem? after about 10 sec. I get 'the request to utorrent has timed out' in both cases. Have tried this from both dialup and dsl connections outside the firewall. I tried changing to a dedicated port instead of my default torrent port, same deal. I'm hoping someone else has seen similar results, seems like a firewall issue of some sort. is there anything I need to do besides port forwarding. I'm kinda stumped. all other remote access programs work fine thanks
  3. flacseeds

    µTorrent 1.5 released

    thats how azureus updates, via torrents