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  1. I'm trying to install this beta, but when the installer finished, uTorrent doesn't start. If I try to open it, the process terminated without any crash dump file. If I try to reinstall this version, the installer doesn't run. I installed the 2.0 beta, and works fine. I have a Windows XP Professional 32 bits up to date.
  2. @ DreadWingKnight Yes what??? lol 2.0 or 2.1?
  3. In the title post show like an alpha, but in the changelog, beta... Is this an alpha or a beta?
  4. I have some files uploading, and I have set the upload limit in a manual mode in 25kb/s, but uTorrent upload to 32kb/s. I think it could be a problem with the limit bandwith. Greets!
  5. Transfer cap? What the hell is that? I deleted the help file, and uTorrent download v1.8.3 help one. In the install, uTorrent could check if the help file exists, and delete it to download the latest. Greets !
  6. Another Crash Dump File, when I tried the speed test. I saw before the crash, an error code: 18003 or something as. Windows XP SP3 32bits
  7. That's a good notice for me, great work
  8. Gasp... Yea DeadWingKnight, that's a good reason jajaja Then, UDP Tracker support could be one feature request then... Greets!
  9. Always I see in the Tracker tab, in a udp:// url the message "invalid URL". I have the Preferences > Advanced > bt.transp_disposition with 15 to enable uTP protocol too. The url I have for example, is udp:// What could be the problem? Greetings
  10. In this release, when I delete a file and a torrent from uTorrent GUI, I see a freeze of the GUI and the uTorrent. This not happend in 1.8.2 Greets!
  11. The default value is 13, but I don't find any information about this value. Is not better put an option button out of Advanced settings to select if you want: # Incoming TCP # Incoming uTP # Outgoing TCP # Outgoing uTP # Both TCP and uTP, incoming + outgoing (future-proof setting, always will mean this) # Both TCP and uTP, incoming + outgoing (default) Instead settings differents values which you need to know before configure it? @ Thanks moogly and rafi
  12. But... I don't use the beta, I was waiting to the stable release :S Could you give me more info? Thanks in advice. Greets!
  13. Where's the option to activate the utp? Thanks for the new release!
  14. Ok, then, in this moment, the 1.8.2 uTorrent download links to 14153? No new build for now until the bug will fix, no?