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  1. Found a setting in the advanced options, that influence the behavior. bt.save_resume_rate I set it to 240 from 120 and now it freeze all 4 Minutes. So i think it has something to do with the many torrents and the torrents with a error state in my case.
  2. I have deactivated AV and Firewall for Test. I think it has something to do with some torrents who have the status Error - Some Files missing and too many torrents in the list. I will monitor it further and try the newest version.
  3. What is happening all 2 Minutes in utorrent? I have freeze Problems with utorrent since the 3er Versions. All 2 Minutes utrorrent freeze for ca. 40 seconds and then is responsive again. In Process Explorer i see, that the Cpu for the utorrent Process is getting to max. I have tried the different cache settings, but that doesn't helped. I have a lot of torrents still listed in the client (ca. 2000), but most of them are on finished state. Until the 3er Version that wasn't a problem. I tried the newest beta, but it isn't better. I think the 3er Version doesn't support to have so many torrents still in the client. Do someone know what happens all 2 Minutes that cause the freezes?
  4. I have just installed the newest beta and noticed some weird change to the previous beta version. Finished downloads have the file properties set to read only. The color of all status field is now blue. On the previous release it was green for downloading,finished and seeding and red for errors on torrents.