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  1. - Change: Enable DEP Compatibility and Image Randomization Great news to security entusiast like me I'll try the new beta right now...
  2. same here. no memory leak.
  3. Started with 15k and took about 7-8 hours to reach 315k of memory usage... it seems a very tiny memory leak. uTorrent 1.8.3 Beta build 14715 bt.transp_disposition = 5 two files seeding. started with 6 files downloading. 1 finished and not seeding. Windows Vista x64 SP2 RC Opps... I am glad that you have identified not only the main problem but others. good job.
  4. same here, bt.transp_disposition = 5 and memory leaks still occurs... the memory usage grows very slowly here. I have 2 files seeding and 3 downloading.
  5. no memory leak if no torrents are active... i dont know how to disable uTP ... what value should I set in bt.transp_disposition ?
  6. no high memory usage problem here... Windows Vista (Home Premium) x64 SP2 Beta
  7. As far as i know none of the security features that i posted before make the program incompatible with previos versions of Windows. As i said the new eMule 0.49c has this features and still works under Windows 9x. Anyway i agree with the "renew or die".
  8. This is agood oportunity to insist in DEP & ASLR & SAFESEH features (Windows XP SP2 & Windows Vista). They are extreamly easy to implement and helps to increase the security of programs: Protecting Your Code with Visual C++ Defenses As i said in a previously post, the last emule version (0.49c) implement all this security features... in fact more and more software are implementing this features because the cost benefit is clear.
  9. Will uTorrent 1.9 support DEP (Data Execution Prevention) and "Excepcion Handling Protection" security features (Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista / Windows 7)? Next eMule (dunno if i can say this here, sorry ...) version will support both security features.
  10. errr i install utorrent and didnt change anything... should i disable uPnP and NAT-PMP?
  11. its not local... its my public ip address. I dont know if its a question... i posted it because it can be a bug or something. I use cable modem (THOMSON).
  12. uTorrent 1.8.1 build 12616 Windows Vista SP1 (x64) [2008-10-13 20:15:49] UPnP: Could not map UPnP Port on this pass, retrying. [2008-10-13 20:15:54] UPnP: Could not map UPnP Port on this pass, retrying. [2008-10-13 20:15:59] UPnP: Unable to map port XXX.XXX.XX.XX:52750 with UPnP. [2008-10-13 20:28:52] UPnP: Device error "http://XXX.XXX.XX.XX:2869/upnphost/udhisapi.dll?content=uuid:61dc70ca-cca9-4ff3-9293-fddb5dc768e0": (-2) X's are my ip address
  13. Ok, thx. Anyways i didnt made any changes so is this the default config?
  14. From time to time my Utorrent ignores the max upload speed and goes to max speed allowed by my internet connection. If i put again the max speed (the same number or other) on the menu and apply it returns to the "limit". uTorrent 1.8 build 11813 Windows Vista SP1 (x64) In the image you can see (in spanish language) the limit put in 18KB/s and the upload (one 100% completed file) in 78.8KBs This seems to happen when uTorrent is running some time not when i started it.
  15. About Windows95 ... I personally dont think that a program MUST give compatibility/support that even Microsoft doesnt (support lifetime). Here are good programmers that can tell you about "stability" in that "toys" called Windows9x. When a program crash you have very high choices to reboot the entire system for example. This "toys" gives microsoft the bad image they have now, with the famous BSOD wich is very difficult to see under NT systems (excepting hardware fails) The NT kernel is more robust, stable and secure and you dont need a supercomputer to run Windows 2000 prof or Windows XP. But hey, if this can be fixed to work on Windows95 go ahead and all will be happy