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  1. Mine is 3.3.0 build 29462 Having with the problem that uTorrent doesn't obey the Disk Write Caching options. The settings are... - Reduce memory usage when the cache is not needed = No - Enable caching of disk writes = Yes - Write out untouched blocks every 2 minutes = No - Write out finished pieces immediately = No ...but uTorrent still writes out finished pieces immediately which causes the disk working too frequently. So I went deep down to the Advanced options, but diskio.all_writes_sync, diskio_coalesce_writes are properly set. No idea why it behaves strangely since updating to the build 29462. I'll revert back to build 29082 for temporary solution. Maybe I'll check the Beta if this is resolved, or else I have to report this bug. Edit: is working fine, while onwards (,,, have this issue.