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  1. Have a weird problem. The menu bar in the ui is missing. I tried restarting, but still remains the same. Am i missing something?
  2. Photon

    µTorrent MiniUI

    Thank you for this nifty utility! Makes it a breeze to access my torrents from my symbian phone Hope this one grows and is not abandoned!
  3. Legacy version works fine with 1.7.7 Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!
  4. ^^ Already tried that. Doesn't work. Even tried it on a fresh install. Guess i'm stuck with the modified version of 0.315 for now
  5. This is what i get on utorrent 1.7.7 + webui 0.350 running windows xp sp3. Happens on FF 3.0.1 and Opera 9.51. IE just shows a blank page It this not compatible on other versions of utorrent? Can't use 1.8 cause there is a nasty windows crash bug while using remote desktop