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  1. After the last update (to 25824), I started to get this in the log at every uTorrent start: What is it attempting to install and why was there no mention of this in the changelog? :/
  2. Well, it's just that the uT help says: But if you're right, I guess you've answered my question, regardless. Thanks.
  3. @rafi: Concerning net.utp_initial_packet_size, you recommend using MTU size (which is 1460 for my ISP), but uTorrent help says the maximum value is 8 (x 150 = 1200). Is this right? If so, any reason known for why this setting doesn't go any higher, or is there no benefit to be gained by more closely matching MTU (uTP still lags behind TCP in raw speed and stability for me)?
  4. Duplicated/confirmed here too.Yep, I noticed that, as well, on 25406.On that note, it's been over a week since 25422 release, but my 25406 still doesn't see the update. Is it a "beta" update (I have those turned off)?
  5. Does anyone know why in 2.2.1 DHT can't log in until I add a regular tracker to the torrent and update with it at least once? I don't know if it's specific to my ISP, but over many years, I haven't seen one accurate measurement with - it's always shown the connection speed to be 10-20% faster than in reality or even what my ISP actually provides. Even with no firewall, antivirus or router between me and their VPN Ethernet, and on different PCs.So, I wouldn't trust it as far as I could throw it, to be honest.
  6. If I try to download several torrents at once that all contain a file with the same name that I choose not to download (not even into the same location), uT stops downloading those torrents with an error, once they try to download the pieces containing those files. Example: TV series episodes, where the torrent creators love to include junk txt's and nfo's with them. Edit: Went back to 2.2.1 (clean reinstall, except for 'resume.dat') and it does that, as well. I'm confused, haven't ever encountered this error before, and I've been using uT since v1.4. :-\
  7. What would be good settings for bt.connect_speed and net.max_halfopen for a symmetrical 2200 kbits/sec Ethernet VPN, under WinXP SP2 patched to 100 halfopen connections?