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  1. µTorrent alpha (3.4 build 30010) is available

    No changelog as usual

    I guess they want to make people believe that they are actively updating.

    It may very well be a possible... :D

    I find it really suspicious that they always say that there is no significant changes.

  2. Changelog. Anybody? No? Changes, not changes? Changelog. Anybody? No? Changelog. Anybody? No? Changelog. Anybody? No? Changelog. Anybody? No? Changelog. Anybody? No? Changelog.

    My world collapses, here is a gap which should be filled.. This gap is called µTorrent Changelog.

  3. Fix: Tray icon for XP not showing in some cases

    Nice, but how about the newer Windows? Still.. the system tray icon does not appear at first launch and minimize.. Need to click some application link for the second time, and then the icon is displayed when you minimize the window. (When you have selected to show tray icon only when minimized)

  4. Still the icon does not appear

    If you wish to minimize to taskbar' date=' not to tray, then [u']uncheck "Minimize button minimizes uT to tray".

    Forgive, English is definitely not my native language and I have just discovered my "writing mistakes".

    I mean the notification area (tray or whatever it's called), I do not mean the usual icon in the taskbar. :)

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    Rafi: Thank you for the offer! That time I was actually a little late and they had already removed 3.3.2.

    Unfortunately, the system tray icon does not work properly with this version either. And furthermore after each start-up here is some ActiveX error "web browser" message. However, uTorrent seems to be working properly.. and thank you again but just for other reason. I just completed the download, one big torrent (approximately 81 GB, selected parts about 1 GB), for some reason, none of the other current versions would not let me download to complete. There was always a lot of seeders but still did not give the last part (about 8 MB), I was online a long time, a number of days.

  5. Still the icon does not appear the first time you launch the application and minimize it to the taskbar!

    1. You start µTorrent and minimize it to the taskbar.. the program is running in the background.. but there is no icon on the taskbar.

    2. You need to "open" and minimize the µTorrent again.. now the icon is displayed in the taskbar.

    All know that there is an option "Always show tray icon".. But you know what, I do not want to use it! :)

    Okay, this is better than nothing as you remember a little while ago the icon did not show up at all.

    But why the hell this icon is so hard to get to work right? Here Windows 8 Pro hums happily. :lol: