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    µTorrent WebUI

    I come from China, used Chinese characters. when I use webui to adding .torrent file, there is a problem For example: LOVE Chinese character expression = 爱 Add subpath when I entered "爱" However, in windows explorer, garbled Any other Chinese characters subpath will have problems Please tell me, how can I do, in addition to waiting for the new version of the WEBUI USE GOOGLE TRANSLATE SORRY ABOUT MY POOR ENGLISH
  2. suwill

    µTorrent WebUI

    very thanks and some suggestions when I right-click the download list,I wan't to rename one of task (some time English task name is unhelpful to other native language of English) but now we can't:( I wish next version of WEBUI may rename torrents task list sorry about my poor english
  3. in china was blocked i can't open this link..囧rz:mad:
  4. I can't download from your there another way to download this app? or anyone can send a copy to thanks
  5. maybe i want a program can run in blackberry cell phone for free coding 3Q