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  1. all my other downloads which are going at the same time are fine. i stop and start them all the time and this has never come up before. i have set the download location to the right file... and re - checked it its still sitting at 0.0%
  2. this is how i have always downloaded my torrents and never had this issue before.
  3. ok so i have my computer > the hard drive > Movies > the name of the tv series > the number of season > then the episodes in each season file ive not moved or touched the file path either on the hard drive nor on utorrent so which file should i right click "advanced" "set download location" if that what im supposed to do
  4. but ive not touched the files at all, how can it change?
  5. your not really being very helpful. I have no idea what the problem is so i dont know how to fix it!
  6. ive made sure the file path is correct and i right clicked and force rechecked them but it still comes up with 0.0% complete
  7. I assume you mean the chapter on migrating files? i just read that but i started downloading on utorrent so i doubt i will have to change the name. but it wont let me add torrent to continue downloading them (the files they are sitting in are just empty) am i doing it wrong or is it just not working?
  8. Hi, I had previously been downloading a large video file onto my portable hard drive (same way i download all my torrents) id been stopping and starting it like normal. when i connected my hard drive to continue downloading, utorrent said the files were missing (they hadnt been touched or moved) and because im so impatient i clicked reset bans (not knowing what it meant) and it restarted the download so now i have a bunch of half downloaded files which i would like to finish downloading. how can i finish downloading the files i already have or do i need to totally start again? Thanks!!