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  1. Thanks. Those tools might be helpful. There might be also some kind of hardware - memory or mobo - issue. Previously, the CPU usage of the browser used to go up to 25%, both with Opera and FF. Sometimes just one open page was enough. Not any page, though. Perhaps with some javascript stuff in it. When I moved the memory into different slots, both browsers stay close to 0% CPU. But this switch did not affect uTorrent's CPU usage at all. 2.x versions use a lot, and pre-2.x - very little with memory in either slots. I also feel that Skype, or combination of Skype and something else, might be contributing to out-of-resources situations, even though I have disabled the supernode mode. When Skype is running, or even was running, a reboot is needed more frequently, sometimes almost daily, or even freezes or bsods occur if I wait with the reboot too long while ignoring symptoms of out-of-resources situation, without Skype - never, weeks without any reboots, reboots usually are forced by windows updates only. Come to think of it, I am using Skype with uTorrent 2.x, previously I almost never started Skype, and those were pre-2.x days, so perhaps uTorrent 2.x is causing those problems Perhaps I will stay with 1.8.2 for a few weeks just to see if those out-of-resources situations still occur.
  2. A security hole the size of Texas. I don't know who is recommending it, but they should be ignored. So which pre-2.x version do you recommend? I can go to 1.6 if needed. 1.6.1 build 490? 1.7.7.? 1.8.4 ? 1.8.5? It really would be great to know . Because I saw all those versions mentioned among recommended by various people and private trackers. It really would be good to know which of those is the safest and, if possibly, use the least resources. The last one, 1.8.5 build 17414? To be able to check instantly if a torrent is already downloaded. It is very important to me to be able to keep all the previously downloaded torrents. This list will grow and grow. Unless it really affects badly uTorrent. Therefore, I really want to know: do those downloaded and stopped torrents increase the usage of memory or CPU? They are completely inactive, I hope they have no effect? It seems, they slow down the starting of uTorrent, but I hope that is all? Is there another way, some kind of torrent history feature, which is lighter on the uTorrent but does the same? The worst case scenario - I could keep the .torrent files separately, but deleted from uTorrent. It would give me some way to check, but not as convenient. Sorry for that. I will have to investigate what those things are. Actually, I just looked over the faq (all the questions, not all the answers). My questions here about pre-2.x version and about history/long list of finished/stopped torrents are not addressed in the faq. As to the questions related to high memory and high CPU usage: I am not running nvidia firewal, no Forceware Network Manager. I am not using McAfee Firewall, Norman Personal Firewall, nor Cybersitte. I am using ESET Smart Security (nod32 antivirus + ESET firewall) And I am also using PeerBlock. I am running Windows XP SP3, 32 bit with 4 GB of memory (video card takes 512 MB: GeForce 8800 GTS 512) So really, 500 MB memory usage is not a big deal, but it looks abnormally high, nevertheless. And there is no high CPU usage with 1.8.2 - just checked again: 4%, long way to 25-30% with 2.x
  3. OK, so I tried 2.2.1 - the same thing, CPU usage (with quad-core) around 30%, memory usage > 500 MB. The home page says "Powerhouse with a tiny appetite". It became a monster. What happened, people? Where the development went so wrong? So now I had no choice but to go back to 1.8.2 build 14458 - a recommended build by many. What do I get with this build? CPU usage almost 10x less (3-8% compared to 25-32%) Memory usage reduced by 100 MB, but still > 400 MB. Upload and download speeds with the same settings - better. No, it seems that memory usage is gradually increasing, approaching 470 MB. But does not go over it. So still less than with 2.x 3 torrents downloading, 80 torrents seeding, but only about 36 active. And yet, around 500 MB memory usage with all versions of uTorrent. What is going on? Please answer, somebody: I have 10 thousand of finished/stopped torrents (and now also with invalid download state, thanks to 2.2), do they somehow increase the memory usage? I think they should not.
  4. Same here. I also keep all the downloaded torrents (except the incremental ones), and 2.2 screwed things up, now many of them are red even after returning back to 2.0.4 Another thing: is it normal for uTorrent to be using 500 MB of memory, even though there are only about 100 torrents that are started, most seeding (only about 60 active), less than 10 downloading. Is this huge memory usage somehow related to the long long list of long ago downloaded and stopped torrents? (it is perhaps off topic here - I have this memory usage at the moment with 2.0.4, not sure about 2.2, though).
  5. I had to return back to 2.0.4 2.2 - crazy CPU usage, staying at 24-25% minimum (quad-core CPU) - at that CPU usage, non-responsive, useless. 2.0.4 - 4-7% in comparison, with the same settings, downloading the same torrents. Even though 2.0.4 not perfect either, to stay so low, I had to reduce global maximum/peers per torrent/upload slots, active torrents, active downloads - not sure which ones important. The most important would be max upload/download rates, but I don't want to limit them. But 2.2 CPU usage 25% with the same reduced settings! Tried several times, from the very moment it shows up on the screen - already 25%, even though no active torrents yet. Again, with 2.0.4 - 5%, with 2.2 - 25 % - CPU usage increased 5 times. Perhaps there are some 2.2-specific new settings to limit the CPU usage? BTW, even with 2.0.4 no settings can limit CPU usage during fast downloads (unless limiting the download speed itself): Now I have 9.5 MB/s download speed (with overhead, perhaps close to 100 Mbps?) and 22-25% CPU with 2.0.4 But 2.2 was using 25% without any download speed to speak of. Sometimes I have similar > 9.5 MB/s upload speed, but it does not seem to cause such high CPU usage, download is worse. Another thing, I am using multiple hard drives, internal, eSATA, and multiple USB drives, slow drives perhaps have something to do with it? Although even when there is no overload indication, still high cpu usage. BTW - disk overload message - it would be nice to know which disk. I have simultaneously 17 external and 8 interal (not enough letters, using also paths) and hundreds of active torrents and sometimes it is difficult to tell which disk, although, I assume, one or more of external USB ones.