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  1. Still using 2.2.1. Works like a charm. I switched back to there somewhere around the 3.1 or 3.2 versions. Everything just kept breaking and new patches would just go and break something else, install packages were bundled with all sorts of rubbish, ads started appearing, and appearantly you had to setup a whole bunch of settings yourself before things actually just worked fine like they used to. Has this changed? Is it worth checking out the new 'stable' versions, or are they still usually broken and are people still referred to the 'beta' version, which then also is broken?
  2. A year, or a few years, ago I would've gone through all those steps. Nowadays I still go through a routine maintenance Windows re-install every year or so, but unless it concerns a game I really want to play or a part of essential software, I no longer (wish to) spend long periods troubleshooting my software. Not when there are viable alternatives to try before I know for certain that my system is ailing or failing. I first thought I'd try a uTorrent competitor, but the torrent-software market seems to be remarkably stale, and I didn't feel like getting accustomed to new interfaces and control mechanisms. So I took GCRaistlin's advice and installed an older version of uTorrent, switching off the update function. It works perfectly. And that cost me a total of about 10-20 minutes, including writing this post. Troubleshooting my install and settings of the newest uTorrent, and then my entire computer and Windows installation would've most likely cost me a few hours, if not perhaps an entire day, while the possibility remains that the crappiness I experience with the latest uTorrent versions depends on faulty programming rather than faulty computer maintenance (which the myriad complaints on these forums seem to support, sprouting after every new patch from the ground like weeds after a nourishing rainfall). Also, I simply no longer trust whoever furnishes the uTorrent updates. Not once, but twice, those updates broke essential uTorrent controls such as the buttons in the top bar or all the detailed information, most importantly the files-list. I had faith that these would be fixed soon, but instead I saw people here refer other people with problems to the beta version instead; I find referring people from a stable to a beta version to be a rather daft way of fixing errors. With those precedences set, I no longer feel comfortable trusting my uTorrent updates and, for now, will stick to older versions that work reliably and don't waste my time with imploding on themselves.
  3. No torrent info is shown in the files' date=' info, peers, trackers, etc. tabs!!![/quote'] Same here (even with just 1 torrent). (Going back to 29579 shows all the info instantly). Same here. I've had it with uTorrent. I was running the stable 3-point-something version a while ago, then suddenly some update broke everything and randomly torrents were doomed to remain at 0.0%, stuck in checking-limbo or whatnot. Restarting uTorrent sometimes fixed it, sometimes it didn't. So I read up on the forums whether there was a fix, and all I could find was the recommendation to try the beta. So I installed the beta and everything worked fine. Then another update came out and uTorrent broke down again with the above bug. No torrent info, no peers, no trackers, nothing. It seems like for every bug that gets fixed three others pop up. I don't know what's going on, but it feels like whoever is working on this is dropping the ball continuously. All I really want from my torrent software is stability and reliability. I feel like the time and energy that I'd waste in getting this to work would be better spend in finding an alternative, especially if I'm going to have to refix shit every time there's a new update that breaks some other part. So, after about 5 years of having used uTorrent, I've uninstalled it and am retiring it from my software package. Thanks for having provided me with a free and good torrent engine for all those years. Perhaps I'll re-install it in half a year or so; perhaps things'll have improved by then.