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    Hi Ultima, I need to replace only the drive letter in about 400 torrent lines using BENcode. I did a trial on one of them, by selecting one that I was not too concerned if I messed it up, after backing up resume.dat by (after removing the protection line) by editing that particular line, backspacing out the C and replacing it with a G. I am wondering if there is a way I can do this by using replace all, without having to type in the entire path, just the part that is different? This came about when my computer exploded (power supply went bang) and I was able to take my HDD out and put it into an external case and get back to work with my laptop, which does not have enough room for all the torrent data files. I had a bunch of other ones on another external and they are doing just fine there, but there is not enough room on that drive either. So for now, I am keeping them on the external former hard drive. ETA: Found this up a few pages Took deep breath, did it and it worked. Whoo hoo! Thanks in advance. Nifty little editor, I like it!