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  1. I registered to ask WTF is the deal with all the adverts- first on the lower left which is-- whatever.. but now on top of the torrents window?! Why?! Get it the F out of there. Edit- It looks like the damn thing is an actual torrent that I have no control over??! WTF is this BS!? Edit-- Oh ok, the more I dig into this-- the more BS I find! WTF is this "B. OpenCandy End User License Agreement"!? OPENCANDY!? OPENCANDY?!!! WTF is OPEN CANDY? Why are you putting other BS programs into Utorrent? This is complete garbage. therefore, UTORRENT is complete GARBAGE NOW. Obviously Utorrent is being taken over by a bunch of scammers and a holes doing who knows what with user info and you are not looking out for the people who use utorrent, but some slimy third party advertisers/ malware, spyware, or who knows what!. Congratulations, Utorrent now sucks. Good riddance.. bunch of liars. "Light. Limitless. Elegant, efficient torrent downloading" Whatever! LIARS! .