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  1. Before I install this update, is there a way to turn off silent auto-update?
  2. Actually it should alert me in some way to the fact that it is still shutting down, instead of pretending to shut down, giving all visual clues that it has in fact shut down, but secretly, in some process hidden from everything by the Task Manager, it is still grinding away...
  3. Well that is just poor design. They should change that too.
  4. This is not true. I shut it down cleanly every time. However, I just went to check. Since version 3.3 apparently, it now does not correctly show the systray icon after it has shut down, and stays running in the background. I guess this is a bug in addition to a feature request.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but the download check at start up does one torrent at a time because it does not multitask? It would be nice to get it to check all of them at the same time.