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    I'm a bit confused about this tool wrt resume.dat I have a resume.dat that utorrent doesn't like (after a system crash) ie - When starting, utorrent logs "Warning: file integrity check failed (hash doesn't match): ...\resume.dat", renames the file .bad and I loose ALL torrent info. I pulled this resume.dat up in this editor. The editor does NOT report any hash error. (huh?) I deleted the last torrent, then saved the file. The fileguard hash value did NOT change. I started utorrent using the modified resume.dat. Again, I got the SAME error in the utorrent log, BUT, utorrent went ahead and used the resume data anyway - ie I did NOT loose everything (just the one torrent I deleted with the editor). Is this the way everything is SUPPOSED to work? When does this editor recompute the hash? Why does utorrent say the hash fails (both orig and modified), but the editor doesn't? Why does utorrent go ahead and use the modified 'bad' file, but not the original? ???