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  1. Thanks for the information Ultima. Ultima, would there be any way to run both the normal webui index.html as well as one with the code you posted above? That way I could use point the BlackBerry browser to the code above and my normal Firefox browser to the normal index.html.
  2. I'm using a BlackBerry 9000 Bold OS v5.0.0.314 (Platform
  3. Here's another interesting piece to the BlackBerry OS 5.0 puzzle. If I navigate to the normal webui page, I can add a .torrent file with no problems. Now, using the normal webui on the BlackBerry still doesn't display any of the graphics and it's pretty jumbled mess, but it will work. Here's the log: [2009-11-06 08:19:54] HTTP: IP GET /gui/ [2009-11-06 08:20:00] HTTP: IP GET /gui/stable.css [2009-11-06 08:20:00] HTTP: IP GET /gui/stable.css [2009-11-06 08:20:06] HTTP: IP GET /gui/main.css [2009-11-06 08:20:07] HTTP: IP GET /gui/main.css [2009-11-06 08:20:18] HTTP: IP GET /gui/images/snake.gif [2009-11-06 08:20:19] HTTP: IP GET /gui/images/mootools.png [2009-11-06 08:20:20] HTTP: IP GET /gui/lang/en.js [2009-11-06 08:20:20] HTTP: IP GET /gui/lang/en.js [2009-11-06 08:20:25] HTTP: IP GET /gui/?action=add-file
  4. Thanks for the quick response. The following are the logs when adding the same .torrent file using two different browsers. Here's the log using the BlackBerry browser: [2009-11-04 20:09:40] HTTP: IP GET /gui/mini/index.html [2009-11-04 20:09:46] HTTP: IP GET /gui/mini/style.css [2009-11-04 20:09:52] HTTP: IP GET /gui/mini/utility.js [2009-11-04 20:10:00] HTTP: IP GET /gui/mini/utorrent.js [2009-11-04 20:10:06] HTTP: IP GET /gui/mini/webui.js [2009-11-04 20:10:12] HTTP: IP GET /gui/mini/pane.js [2009-11-04 20:10:18] HTTP: IP GET /gui/mini/page.js [2009-11-04 20:10:24] HTTP: IP GET /gui/mini/html.js [2009-11-04 20:10:30] HTTP: IP GET /gui/mini/miniui.js [2009-11-04 20:10:37] HTTP: IP GET /gui/token.html [2009-11-04 20:10:44] HTTP: IP GET /gui/?token=u6X6PlQGt80F8RRagK_3jra0YTOAdZemRrmYs6PwcpBzmNhLYUNBZw0m8ko=&action=add-url&s=&t=1257383444473 [2009-11-04 20:10:51] HTTP: IP GET /gui/?token=u6X6PlQGt80F8RRagK_3jra0YTOAdZemRrmYs6PwcpBzmNhLYUNBZw0m8ko=&action=getsettings&t=1257383451312 [2009-11-04 20:10:55] HTTP: IP GET /gui/?token=u6X6PlQGt80F8RRagK_3jra0YTOAdZemRrmYs6PwcpBzmNhLYUNBZw0m8ko=&list=1&cid=&t=1257383459325 [2009-11-04 20:11:09] HTTP: IP GET /gui/?token=u6X6PlQGt80F8RRagK_3jra0YTOAdZemRrmYs6PwcpBzmNhLYUNBZw0m8ko=&list=1&cid=1655032814&t=1257383469384 [2009-11-04 20:11:32] HTTP: IP GET /gui/?token=u6X6PlQGt80F8RRagK_3jra0YTOAdZemRrmYs6PwcpBzmNhLYUNBZw0m8ko=&action=add-file And here's the log when using the Bolt Browser that works: [2009-11-04 20:18:02] HTTP: IP GET /gui/mini/index.html [2009-11-04 20:18:02] HTTP: IP GET /gui/mini/style.css [2009-11-04 20:18:02] HTTP: IP GET /gui/mini/utility.js [2009-11-04 20:18:02] HTTP: IP GET /gui/mini/utorrent.js [2009-11-04 20:18:03] HTTP: IP GET /gui/mini/webui.js [2009-11-04 20:18:03] HTTP: IP GET /gui/mini/pane.js [2009-11-04 20:18:04] HTTP: IP GET /gui/mini/page.js [2009-11-04 20:18:04] HTTP: IP GET /gui/mini/html.js [2009-11-04 20:18:05] HTTP: IP GET /gui/mini/miniui.js [2009-11-04 20:18:06] HTTP: IP GET /gui/token.html [2009-11-04 20:18:06] HTTP: IP GET /gui/?token=LfpnMBybQatfIbfCwJifxw3L2BaL86lZXRUpyAt5iRRhU0RcBPucOc4n8ko=&action=add-url&s=&t=1257383893414 [2009-11-04 20:18:06] HTTP: IP GET /gui/?token=LfpnMBybQatfIbfCwJifxw3L2BaL86lZXRUpyAt5iRRhU0RcBPucOc4n8ko=&action=getsettings&t=1257383893709 [2009-11-04 20:18:07] HTTP: IP GET /gui/?token=LfpnMBybQatfIbfCwJifxw3L2BaL86lZXRUpyAt5iRRhU0RcBPucOc4n8ko=&list=1&cid=&t=1257383894082 [2009-11-04 20:18:23] HTTP: IP GET /gui/?token=LfpnMBybQatfIbfCwJifxw3L2BaL86lZXRUpyAt5iRRhU0RcBPucOc4n8ko=&list=1&cid=2104417531&t=1257383910424 [2009-11-04 20:19:14] HTTP: IP GET /gui/?action=add-file Seems like the BlackBerry browser doesn't have a separate entry for the GET /gui/?action=add-file line, it just adds it to the end of the previous line. Hope this information can help you.
  5. I upgraded my BlackBerry Bold to OS 5.0 and I can no longer add torrents using Browse for file. MiniUI just hangs. Adding a torrent by URL still works, but I use a few private trackers and I need to browse for the .torrent file for these to work. Everything worked fine in BlackBerry OS 4.6 The third party Bolt Browser doesn't seem to have any issues adding a torrent by file.
  6. ayush12345, The makers of SymTorrent also make a MobTorrent (a client for Java phones). Not sure why you would want to run a client on a phone though. MrSharpBuntu's mobile Utorrent works great on my BlackBerry Bold and it's all I need to add torrents and remotely control them.
  7. This works fantastic on my Blackberry 8300 Curve. Thank you so much. Can you include the ability to add torrents by .torrent file? I would like to be able to download multiple torrent files, save them to my memory card and then be able to add them using your program. As it stands right now, I have to copy/paste each URL. whcih is a little tedious. Also, I converted the JAR files to an ALX/COD file so the Blackberry Desktop Manager will install the program. The OTA link on your site for the JAD file didn't work for my Blackberry. If you would like me to send you the files to host, please let me know.