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  1. Right? ....... and you find that unusual because???It has been a standard Windows behaviour since Windows 3.1, was released twenty years ago. Dear Friend! Please, have a look at the attached video, which will clearify the situation about, what happens sometime, when I'm closing uTorrent in my WIN XP SP3 system! http://video.yandex.ru/users/tianuchka/view/2/ P.S. I know a little, how the Windows works, but haven't seen ever, what an application begins to flash in and flash out, like a uTorrent does since the 3.3.1 releases. And my codepage is normal too, because there was everything fine with the "About" window's text before, so I guess, all of my "problems" are just the same as an invisible XP tray icon was
  2. Sometimes, when i close the utorrent window (not minimize, but exit) the next background application what takes focus, whether it could be a FireFox or Total Commander or anything else, its borders begin to flash in and flash out, just like this particular application is taking focus and gives it back. And during this flashes, what take about 10-15 seconds, I can't do anything in my WIN XP SP3, until it stops by itself. Another question is, what do the \r\n symbols mean in the description of the uTorrent "About" window? Have a look at the screen below, please. (By right click on the screen->Open image)
  3. Guys, what is it with the latest uTorrent releases, what they begin to tachycardy in the background applications in the Win XP PS3, when I close the uTorrent? Have anyone noticed something like that?
  4. Yeh, tray icon is back! Thanx!
  5. Yes, my OS was last CLEAN a year or so ago, and if I make it clear, it will work three, may be five times faster. But in all my 20 years PC experience I've never faced a situation, when a tray icon of any application was invisible. Never at all!!! And again... If the problem is in my particular system, when why doe's all othe other tons of applications work just fine in my system? May be it's because of what uTorrent devs had changed something in the mechanism of the tray icon visibility lately? I guess and I'm pretty sure, what there is a certain problem of compatibility with the Win XP OS since the 3.3.1 version of the uTorrent, what is connected to the tray icon. It's not a secret, what many devs all over the world pay less and less attention to the compatibility of their soft with the Win XP OS because of 7's and 8's Win OSes became more popular and WIN XP is coming to its end (((
  6. I don't think so )) First of all, this problem occured only after 3.3.1 and 3.4 uTorrent's release for me. There were never any problems with the uTorrent's tray icon before in my OS! Secondly, I've got the official licensed (not cracked) WIN XP SP3 RUS with all of the official Microsoft's updates to the moment of my post. And thus I don't have any problems with another applications at all! And last, this problem takes place not only in my system as well, so this makes me to believe what this problem has a deeper and systematic roots. May be a downgrade from 3.4 Alpha to 3.3.1 (29812) affected it, but, who knows...
  7. Could it be, what the tray icon is absent in the Win XP SP3 because of what I've changed the destination folder during the installation from Documents And Settings\User\Application Data\uTorrent to Program Files\uTorrent?
  8. Thanx for the help. And how about the invisible tray icon? Will it be fixed in the further releases? It is invisible even in the 3.4 Alpha ((( Another problem was discovered: When closing the uTorrent (not minimizing but exiting it) the next background application's window, which takes focus, starts to flash for about 10 seconds, during which it is impossible to do anything in this application. When it ends everything goes fine again with no problems at all...
  9. Confirming this bug too. There is no tray icon in the 3.3.1 under the Windows XP SP3 A few other problems take place in this version of uTorrent 3.3.1 29812: 01. Some useless advertising crap in the top of the uTorrent windows under the main panel. 02. No alternating lines in the "Trekker" column. Please, have a look in the attachment by right mouse click on the image below>open image (in the context menu of Your browser).