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  1. If the re-check doesn't declare them complete, this statement is false. They're the exact same size for the exact same software.
  2. I've tried forcing them to recheck but it still considers them unfinished. The files are exact duplicates but from different torrents. I'd just like to seed to the others since there's people who have been waiting over a month for seeders.
  3. So about a month ago I started downloading a torrent with no seeders and just hoped one would come on. About a week later I started downloading 3 different torrents with the same files that each have the same issues. Anyway a seeder popped up on one of them and finished one of the torrents yesterday, and I'd like to seed to the other 3 torrents. Whenever I try to replace the files with the finished ones uTorrent will just remember the progress it had and assume that it still needs to download the files. Is there any way to force uTorrent to assume the files are finished? The files are identical with the only differences being what text files come with the torrents, but those really don't matter.