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  1. Firon wrote: "Just update to something more modern." --------------------------------------------------- Very BAD response, I believe... The Robustness, STABILITY, and the VERY FEW resources that Win95 consumes (barely a third part of the resources consumed by Win98) make it my system of choice. In this point, I don't see any advantage in using a system like Win98, that has proven to be very inefficient, as also be one of the worst operating systems, especially with respect to the efficient management of memory resources; and using a more recent version of Windows doesn't solve this problem. Why you, don't JUST update your LACK of knowledge on the subject, for making this release (and later releases) compatible with ALL Windows platforms, as this site promotes? Thanks for your efforts... --------------------------------------------------- "If uTorrent doesn't work with Win 95 anymore, you probably could still update Win 95's winsock or something and get it to work." I already said that Winsock 2 is installed in my machine...
  2. The problem is not with Win98. Indeed, It works perfect on Win98. The problem is with Win95... And yes, it doesn't work there (at least for me), and I have not any firewall installed. However, as I said before, the version 1.7.7 works like a charm, in the same PC, with the same setup. My setup is Win95 4.00.950B, with winsock 2 installed and IE5.5 installed. I have been using uTorrent without any problems and with good performance with this setup for around 2 years. Indeed, it's my favorite torrent client, and I don't use another program, it's because this bug is worrying for me. Any help for solving this problem is very appreciated. Best regards, EDIT: Also, the new beta (11962) has the problem.
  3. It has a potential bug... It doesn't work on Win95... It displays the message "hostname not found", in any tracker that you use... Also the 1.8 stable version has the same problem... uTorrent 1.7.7 has not this bug.