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  1. Moderator and µTorrent Software Related Persons, Up to this day you hid your µTorrent stable download link's mistake, which ongoing since the version However, I warned you twice... (See: ) (See also: ) You correct it today newly and quietly... Still bravo and good luck!..
  2. Dear Moderator (or µTorrent Software Related Persons), (I'm not one who loved surfing in the forums. I've been a member here to report a mistake) I wrote earlier, but you did not answer me (see: I am writing once again: The download link of µTorrent Stable (turkish) below have an error and continues for about two months, still not corrected... The version number of µTorrent Stable, which is downloaded from the link above: If I change the language of the download page (from turkish to english), the result is still the same. I can only download the new stable version ( the links below: http://www.file (without space) (Softpedia Secure Download) But of course, if I use Softpedia External Mirror 1 (, is being downloaded again. Are you committed to not correcting this mistake? See also following pictures:
  3. Very well. Now see my screenshots of download results using two difference browsers: * Your first link and download result using Firefox: * Your second link and download result using Firefox: * Download results also using another browser (IE):
  4. What link? This one? I get 3.3.1 ... First learn what is a version number' date=' hash value and download link, then answer me![/b'] Additional notes: No problem with the download links of µTorrent beta (3.3.2 build 29944) and µTorrent alpha (3.4 build 29956) There is a problem on the download link of µTorrent Stable (3.3.1 build 29963). Thoroughly read what I wrote!
  5. Dear Moderator, For years I used BitComet. Since the last two years I am using µTorrent and very happy. However, there is a mistake about two months ago and no one wants to fix this mistake. For example, you've given a download link above and have done the following announcement: "µTorrent 3.3.1 Stable" However, the version number of µTorrent downloaded from the link above: [Hash value (MD5): 746886D62F5912C366A25B01D3A971F0]. This is the case for a long time and have never changed. Dear Moderator, What is this? If the technical team thing µTorrent's user is stupid, in fact, technical team is stupid... However, the technical team is not completely wrong, because none of the users above did not touch upon this issue... But of course, µTorrent users is not limited as this users... (I'm sorry for my english is bad) Regards