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  1. Maybe change "transfer cap" to 'transfers' in preferences? Or somethingl ike that?
  2. I am just curious as to if you were able to reproduce the bug I have talked about last week.
  3. There is that bug in which, when you choose the location for a new file to be saved, in the "save as" field it is written something like "C:\torrents," but upon pressing the "..." it is shown some other location, such as "C:\hugo\stuff," which is where you in fact want to save the file. So, you press the "save" button (just above "cancel"), but the "save as" field remains "C:\torrents." To fix that, you can either hand-type "C:\hugo\stuff," or press "..." again, navigate back one level to "C:\hugo," and back to "C:\hugo\stuff." Then, press save and that way the "save as" field indeed gets modified. In other words, it seems that under some circumstances one has to navigate inside a folder structure for the "save" button to successfully register the desired location of the saving.
  4. @AdamK: lol, happy to contribute to something.
  5. I that normal... My upload speed is 100 kB/sec, I press Ctrl+G to go to the speed guide, and there it shows my "current settings" upload speed as 800 bit/sec instead of what should be (if I am not mistaken) 800 kbit/sec.
  6. This is a very good build, indeed. However, thank God there are bugs, because you developers would have no job at all, besides adding new features and stuff. Well, you might at times wish there were no surfacing bugs, but that's another thing... Here's a quick bug report: in the setup guide, the "save & close" button remains disabled even if "automatic port mapping" gets ticked or unticked. Isn't that abnormal? Yours, twipley
  7. take a look at the thread's title -- it is always updated so as to reflect the newest alpha version.
  8. bug report: i'm using build 14470, and upon seeding, the download speed is still averaging a few kB/s. on the speed tab, download speed shows up too, but on the general tab, it shows that something is being downloaded, but that nothing has actually been downloaded (see image below).
  9. works great, except for the fact that even when i create a torrent, the upload speed is 30, but down speed is something around 5. since the torrent has been created by me, i already have the whole file, so i don't get why it says something is being downloaded. in the speed tab, too there is a green line below the red one, so that still shows something is being downloaded. great job with utp, though!
  10. i think this may not be a bug, because you just have to be lucky for every peer to connect to you
  11. this is nice to see a new protocol implemented -- I like to see new technology being developed. the only problem I ever experienced with uTorrent (should still be in v1.9) is the "downloaded" column in the trackers tab. the torrents I'm downloading show multiple trackers, and sometimes in some torrent the three trackers report the same values, e.g. 1343, and some minutes after, I press update on each of them and the number has gotten down to 342 or up to a few thousands. most often, though, the three values are different from each other, and with the tests I've done it seems that the "real" value is shown maybe one fourth of the times. someone ever heard about that? maybe a separate thread should be created for that issue, but given this thread is about new releases how about suggestions be made inside this very one? /2 cents