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  1. The problem before has as i said before, been that it didnt even connected to the tracker, time out and so on. Maybe it would work better with lower settings, but it works perfectly smooth at my end now. I have no problems at all that i have noticed so far Oh, bad english of me, it wasnt my max global connection i was talking about, it was my internet speed. earlier it had to wait to connect to all peers, making it take (sometimes minutes) to connect to the amount of peers that i would be able to reach my maximum download speed. Now it connects very fast. I dont say this is the best setting, it problably aint. But it works perfectly fine and no time outs. and web surfing works as fast as before, so no bottleneck there either. I will stick to this setting. reducing half open to 3 as you always have been suggesting to people is no choice for me, it only makes everything worse for me. I guess this is because most people dont have hundreds of active torrents, and everyone with maybe around 50 torrents it works perfectly fine with 3.
  2. Im at at tracker where i am seeding alot of torrents, but only 10-20 are used at once, but i have over 500 Torrents in utorrent. and thats why it stalls as hell if i have only 3 halfopen connections, it times out all the time. My connection speed is 50/10. right now i have 257 Connections 17 half open and 85 connecting. (this has been MUCH higher some times) Everything is running SMOOTHLY since yesterday. Earlier i have had plenty of problems. Maybe this will not work for everyone, but for ME it feels like a dream. And my speed problems, I am guessing it has been really slow to connect to the peers earlier. Now it can connect to more peers much faster. Edit: Increasing half open, does not increase you internet speed of course, what I was trying to say is that it is able to connect to the peers faster. Earlier at low half open, it took forever before i reached my connection limit, now it only takes like 10-15 sec.
  3. NO, it have worked PERFECTLY since i put it at 150. I had lowered it to 3 earlier, THATS when everything fucked up. Believe it or not...
  4. My problems is gone now, i did the TCP ip patch to allow 256 half open connections and have net.max_halfopen in Utorrent set at 150. No problems with "updating" and loss of connection to the tracker anymore. earlier it took ages for every torrent to update, or it just failed, Now it is really fast. Oh, and my speed problems i have had is gone, Much easier to get full speed of the torrents now than earlier.
  5. TraderJones wrote: Updated to 1.8.1 build 12132 after a few hours trackers show 0 seeds, but uT says all are seeding. I tried to update tracker and it says "updating" for a long time and then goes back to "working" I have net.max_halfopen set to 3. If I restart uTorrent the trackers start showing that I'm seeding again. ---------------------------- Same thing here with beta 12154