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  1. just noticed another bug. the file list for each torrent doesn't update on-the-fly
  2. Virtual Row Threshold isn't working properly for me with 0.360 Utorrent 1.8.1b build 12024 running under WINE, Firefox3 under XP32 E.g. i have 100 torrent, but no matter what i do i can only see the first 50 rows/torrents in the webUI window, but if i hit CTRL+A it says "100 row(s) selected". If i change the Virtual row setting nothing happens, and if i refresh the webUI and then go into the settings it's back to 50 again. All the other settings work. edit: also tried stable build 11813, but it's exactly the same. two css errors in the FF error console: "Unknown property 'zoom'. Declaration dropped." "Unknown property 'wrap'. Declaration dropped." both for main.css unrelated?