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  1. Many thanks ciaobaby. Cheers, Banzi.
  2. Did you update manually (downloading the installer from the download page) or via Help>Check for Updates option? (I admit I'm not using 3.3.1' date=' but currently I'm finding 3.3.2 respects uTorrent's installation folder that I set - Program Files>uTorrent - whether I [b']Check for Updates, or via balloon notification update. Maybe it's an XP thing ). I updated from within utorrent, the firewall alerts were the 1st sign that something was up, checked the utorrent folder in program files & it was blank, eventually found it in the roaming folder. It annoyed me as there was no warning that it was going to change folder or anything. Can I just copy the 3.3.1 exe to the specific folder I want it in? What's the best way of doing it? Cheers, Banzi.
  3. Not very happy about the latest update. I have utorrent installed to a custom folder in Program Files x86, after update to 3.3.1 today I suddenly start getting lots of firewall alerts from comodo for utorrent which was strange as I have rules setup for it. The new update ignores the previous install folder & instead installs to AppData\Roaming\utorrent, no mention of this in the changelog as far as I can see (previous version was 3.2.3) It's a shame that this app is slowly being destroyed by the makers, it now looks horrible ( I have to use a skin that makes it look like v2.0.4, the amount of adware\spyware\offers is getting silly & now it completely ignores users folder locations & forces install to the roaming folder. I know the devs need to make money but p*ssing off your users & making them desert the app is not that way to do it. Now back on v3.2.3 & will be looking for another client that respects it's users & doesn't force things & changes on them, shame really as I have been recommending utorrent to family & friends since it came out. I knew as soon as bittorrent bought them the app would go downhill & sadly have been proven right. Cheers, Banzi.