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  1. This is a message for Photon regarding his messed up webui. I run utorrent as a service on a win2003 box, today i patched utorrent and the webui to the new version (.361 fixed me up, i was stuck on the loading screen). I had the same issue as you, turns out i managed not to install over my old utorrent file, the new webui+old utorrent=poop on the screen. What i had to do was 1-stop the service that runs utorrent (this sits on a server, hence i almost never log into it) 2-delete utorrent from the w2003 server (the main .exe that runs utorrent) 3-i deleted the config files for utorrent as-well from the application data folder 4-installed the new utorrent 5-go through the setup in utorrent 6-quit utorrent completely 7-installed the webgui (make sure you're getting .361) 8-start the service that controls utorrent (i never deleted the service since the new utorrent uses the exact same .exe name) 9-i didnt restart my server, but i was able to log into the webgui from a networked box at this point You may have to skip the steps involving starting/stopping the service, depending on your setup. It's working quite well atm my setup: pfsense box-->switch-->server running utorrent as service to connect remotely: remote desktop from work-->networked tower--->utorrent webui to the server (my webui isn't on a DMZ or naked to the world. Pretty much only runs internally on my network since port 8080 isnt forwarded by pfsense) PS: I have no issues running the webui in a remote desktop window Hope that helps Photon... PS: Many thanks to the developers for a job well done, utorrent is SOLID!!! I don't get why people constantly complain on here