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  1. I use this size to download in cache while file is allocating at disk.
  2. still something unknown with DHT: current number of nodes is 666 (wow) but ten minutes ago it was 2076. wtf?
  3. ciaobaby that is right. but I ask about other. If uTorrent install directory is %appdata% that can be access without admin rights, why installer need admin rights?
  4. 3.3 still hangs when reach max size of disk cache. I use 1690 MiB, but anyway all of 3.x hangs when it's full.
  5. and what about DHT, I see about 2K nodes. I never saw so many nodes. At 3.2.3 the value was about ~350 nodes. and at 3.3 it's updating continuously. never stops.
  6. wrong. my account has admin rights. but result is one.
  7. silent updates is evil.and I can't see bypass of UAC when start setup — anyway installer asks admin rights. result: just another stupid shit.
  8. why utorrent install itself in %appdata% folder instead of normal %ProgramFiles(x86)%? and installer don't support variable path, I try to install at "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\uTorrent", but it installed at current directory with subfolders "%ProgramFiles(x86)%" and "uTorrent". sad
  9. I delete translation from profile and switch to inbuild English. There are no changes, still Tahoma everywhere:
  10. Yes, so what? I use this translate with 3.2 and 3.2.1, and font was system default (Segoe UI) always.
  11. Nope. "Skip" rule is not apply for files after torrent is added.Here two illustrated steps:
  12. Critical bug in b28326: selection of files in Add torrent dialog isn't working. All files are download regardless of select you only one file on not.
  13. My setup is only [single click on tray icon to open] checked.From 3.2.1 version after some time of running when I click tray icon, uTorrent window don't appear, I need to right click first, than I left click and window will open. 3.2 version always open main window on click with this setup.
  14. Everywhere. Tahoma now using in main window, preferences window, add torrent dialog. Only file panel and menu still using Segoe UI.
  15. I can't understand, so many builds are released, but uTorrent has no fixes or improvements. Only new bugs are introduces. Add torrent dialog — disfigured. Main font — disfigured. Open main window from tray icon click — not working after some time of running.
  16. Bug, when uTorrent main windows don't open from click on tray icon after some time still here.
  17. Why b28326 uses Tahoma font instead of System default (Segoe UI)? I'm very unhappy about this. Tahoma on Windows 7 is not good.
  18. naiduv Bring back old good add torrent dialog without this bullshit like name and huge window!
  19. Yes,I use on old or slow machines uT version 1.8.5 because it is very fast and there is no one bloat "features".
  20. yeah, but they don't remove already added bloat.
  21. After some time of working uTorrent b28086 window can't be opened from click on the icon at tray, must be first opened context menu.
  22. What the FUCK with Add torrent dialog in 28086? This is most horrible thing that I saw.
  23. it's so stupid bugs that developers don't officially fix them. because if they fix, they agree about doing so stupid things.
  24. Changelog: -- 2012-09-06: Version 3.2 (build 27886) - Fix: Add Torrent dialog is now fixed