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  1. (Just not going to read 28 pages to see if anyone's already posted about it) Labels incorrectly display the number of entries under each label. Inactive, Downloading, Torrents and Active work, but custom labels (Except No Labels) all show (1), even though they contain more.
  2. You presume too much. I constantly try new versions to see if the problems are fixed, and so far they still rear their ugly heads.
  3. Not quite, but it can be done without having to import each and every .torrent file manually. As far as I know, i can only import a folder of torrents, and since it doesn't read resume.dat it has no idea where the actual files are located. Anyhow, lets not get sidetracked.
  4. Once upon a time, uTorrent was a small efficient client. Nowadays, it crashes on large downloads, and the disk overload problem is ever present. Even _if_ I liked 3.x better, 2.x is a necessity for not having an unstable client that hangs/crashes ever so often, so I stick with 2.2.1 until you sort things out - or Qbittorrent gets an import torrent function.