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  1. THANKS for this new version. I decided to try the upgrade yesterday and it went very smoothly. I used to have the problem where the torrents go "offline" status (but keep running?) and now - I still have the same issue. I thought that was fixed (?). I pretty much only use Dimeadozen and Tradersden though, and I noticed now that the only torrents that this is happening with is with the ones on Dime, whereas my torrents on TD are all green/blue! So I wonder if there could be some kind of issue with Dime's tracker and utorrent???? Yesterday Dime was "down" and I could not even get to their website, but it came back up again late last night and that initial problem of my torrents turning red went away when it came back up, but overnight it is now acting the way it used to, which is that mysteriously most of my torrents (either uploads or downloads) will continue to run with active connections, but the arrows turn red in uTorrent's display window, and the message in the tracker tab says "offline (timed out)". Do you folks think I should ask about this on Dime's forum, or do you think it is the uTorrent problem I was told about up here before with v1.8 still acting up?? THANKS again.
  2. THANKS Switeck. I am digesting everything you said (including the stuff to rowben86)!
  3. Thanks very much for this chart. I am new to all of this and I am struggling to figure out how to best tune/tweak my Utorrent settings and this is very helpful, although very confusing for a newbie like me. I want to start first with making sure that I understand correctly exactly what the chart terms correspond to in the Utorrent program. Is this a correct translation of chart terms below to the recommended uttorent setting options in the program? [CHART name vs. setting name in Utorrent Program / Preferences] UPLOAD Limit = Bandwidth / Maximum upload rate UPLOAD Slots = Bandwidth / Number of upload slots per torrent CONNECTIONS Torr = Bandwidth / Maximum number of connected peers per torrent CONNECTIONS MAX = Bandwidth / Global maximum number of connections MAX ACTIVE Torr = Queueing / Maximum number of active torrents (upload or download) MAX ACTIVE Down. = Queueing / Maximum number of active downloads Or to put it in terms of the Utorrent program, since that is how I am trying to figure out what is what by that interface then looking at the chart: Utorrent / Preferences / Bandwidth page --------------------------------------- Global Upload Rate Limiting Maximum upload rate (kB/s) = CHART UPLOAD Limit Global Download Rate Limiting Maximum download rate (kB/s) = not specified on chart, but seems like most people leave this as unlimited [0]; I read somewhere on the 'net that it may be better to limit this # to around 90-95% of what your download rate actually is, but as far as I can tell I don't think you'd ever come close to that anyways because of how slow all your uploaders are anyway (yes/no?) Number of connections Global maximum number of connections = CHART CONNECTIONS MAX Maximum number of connected peers per torrent = CHART CONNECTIONS Torr Number of upload slots per torrent = CHART UPLOAD Slots Utorrent / Preferences / Queueing page --------------------------------------- Maximum number of active torrents (upload or download) = CHART MAX ACTIVE Torr Maximum number of active downloads = CHART MAX ACTIVE Down. Is that right? One big thing has me really confused though. The CONNECTION TYPE (UPLOAD MAXIMUM), is that the theoretical upload speed that you are paying for? As opposed to your REAL tested upload speed which I think is called the Upload Limit in the chart (and is the "Maximum upload rate" in the program preferences)? Also aren't you supposed to use a figure that is about 80% of your actual result for this rather than the actual tested number? For instance I have FIOS that is 20mb/s download and 5 mb/s upload. In speed testing I am getting on average about 20000kb/s (2500kBs) download and 4500kbs (560kBs) upload. Should I just go with the chart settings for 5mbit/sec? Or scale things back a bit? Thanks for the patience with a noob...