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  1. ka81

    Downloading never ends

    Could you please tell me how to compare hashes of torrent files?
  2. ka81

    Downloading never ends

    For I now I read all thos articles, but there no practical solutions. Bad peers (Anti p2p) - it's not about my stuation cause: source - it's me, the only one who donloads is also mine pc in other city. Corrupted files - well, they playback normally, without freezings. Anyway I reremuxed them throug MKVToolNIX few times. So, no more solutions or ideas I gues.. (((
  3. ka81

    Downloading never ends

    Any advice how ti resolve it, please?
  4. ka81

    Downloading never ends

    Wasted: 273 Gb (34967 hashfails) on the PC with downloading. 0 hashfails on PC source (mine PC with upliading)
  5. Hello Please give some help or advise. PC, Windows 7 (freshly installed), newest version of uTorrent. Creating torren that contains of 20 MKV files (total - 33 Gb), created without any issue, passing torrent-file to those who needs. On few different other computers (also laptops) they start downloading and: it never ends and it's downloading very very long time. DL speed is from 8 to 10 Mb/s (maximum for 100 mbit connection) BUT it's already a 4th day of downloading. In uTorrent they see "Status" like 87.8%, in a second 87.6%, in another second 87.8, 87.9, 87.7, etc. If any other information needed just tell me what to show. P.S. Files (MKVs) are not broken. I even repacked them few times in MKVToolNix just to be sure (of course everytime created new torrent file :) ). Same problem with some other folders with MKVs. It doesn't matter on what storage (HDD) files are kept. All HDDs are almost new, but if needed - I can check them (just advise how to do it properly). Internet connection on PC (source) is without any proxy, VPN, just Static IP with real 100 mbit.