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  1. Seriously I'd like to know how you guys manage to run this alpha build up till stream tests?Because for me last 3 builds or so,not even clean installs can make this run after a torrent added it'll crash out repeatedly.On Win 7 Ultimate x86 btw.
  2. Not so recent DMPs:- ...and these were generated barely safe after adding a torrent let alone had I managed a proper run.Tested on both my Win 7 Ultimate x86 pc and my gf's Win Vista Home Prem. x86 lappy.Both have 0 issues with the stable and 2.0b builds.
  3. Second that.. On Win 7 Ultimate x86 RC 7100,this build can install just fine but the moment when I add a torrent and hit "start" then boom the crash dialog box.Back to 2.0b 16850.That and the stable 1.8.4 gives me no issues.
  4. sockets.log (255 - tcp utp default) + utp.log sockets.log (5 - tcp only)
  5. Dl'ed the alpha build a few hours back before I had to get back to work so I didn't manage to get anything done. No install, no nothing. Just got back 3 hours ago but I only got around to this, roughly the 70th minute just me fiddling with some options really. Some interesting notes however since I'm testing this with a relatively old torrent, half on the peers' list are uTP enabled but this BT6.1.1 guy passes off the fastest. I'm killing this 1 now, need to do what you guys suggested proper this time and gonna regenerate separate uTP on/off logs now.
  6. The logs are parked out on the desktop every time the client's started. Strangely enough while there's no crashes to speak of during normal operation, it'll only do so if I fiddle to look at either logs during or when the client's running. If I don't do that, it's just fine. A very good experiment I see, with this uTP implementation. I'm seeing way improved DL peaks over the prev 1.8.1 full release as I've been mainly falling back on Halite. The latter's still here though for consistency reasons. About them logs, is it really necessary for everything to get recorded up to 88MB worth of lines? Coz that's the average size I'm seeing with that utp.log?