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  1. For now I'm using 3.3.2 (30586) dumbed down to look like v2. I did use 2.2.1 for many years. I use Utorrent as a DVR substitute for over 200 TV shows, so I need multi-label features. I also use UT as a video library/media center. To me, it never made sense to delete a file from another media library and then delete it again from Utorrent after seeding. I just hit play in UT, and delete it once the show is watched. Simple! So... Utorrent 2.2.1< is missing: *no filtering/searching for torrents (with 1000's of RSS links this is a must!) *no ability to multi-sort columns (shift-clicking 2 or 3 columns.) Handy for incoming shows by date, name, and episode #. *slower reconnection on restart *Magnets have more trackers than .torrents (v2.0.x problem.) (Compared links on TPB.) *Connection to DHT is very limited, so my number of peers/seeders is always smaller. BIG problem with v3.0+: *I get ISP letters no matter my encryption settings, or Peer Block status. I never get these with Tixati, even when using NO ENCRYPTION! Why??? I didn't get them with v2.2.1 but I haven't used it in 3 years and ISP's are much better at detection now. So honestly don't know if it would help. *Note: most letters stop when I turn off Utorrent Remote. I don't remember problems with WebUI but I'd need to test. Comments to others: With 3.3.2 I've had no problems with Down limits or I/O disk caching or crashes. When using either DSL or Cable all versions of utorrent (and all other torrent clients) have always limited uploads to about 220kb/s. But I use big-name ISP's so I've always assumed it's them. HOWEVER, if I run 2 or 3 clients at a time each will upload to the full 220kb/s. Confusing. I generally use 1 client though. I am, however, considering v2.2.1 as a separate WAN/LAN file sharing app.
  2. @rafi: What's going on with your links? I downloaded the best practice settings last night. But today all the links redirect to utorrent forums or utorrent help site. I found the "'Best Practice' Tips" thread myself in utorrent forums, but I can't find "My *new* >>>>... Web-Help Site/File<<<<" thread at all.