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  1. Still no fix for status icons in download list in 30341 My eyes jump out every time I'm trying to see what's downloading or has an error.
  2. Sorry, but v29625 reintroduced the slow and dropping upload speeds/seeds I'm going "back" to 3.3.1 beta (and that has the new icon in system tray! )
  3. Job well done! Seeding and downloading jobs seem to now work 'in harmony' with upload speeds nicely balanced between jobs and peers' date=' per the set limit(s) [/quote'] Yes, upload speeds are fully utilised now, thanks! Don't break it!
  4. I hope disk caching and flushing is fixed in this 3.3 beta, maybe someone tried it already? I'm willing to stick with 3.2 until the whole new disk i/o is bug free.
  5. I was running the latest beta from 3.3. But as I understand your settings/tweaks are both good for 3.2 and 3.3 when changing from 2.x, so when I didn't change anything at all in my settings why does behave v3.3 not as v3.2? It should adapt any changes made to disk I/O settings if those are not valid any more from v3.2. I can only try your settings when I'll run out of seeding torrents.
  6. 30M/5Mbit, nothing was changed in the settings, while v3.2 downloads with 3,5-6 mbyte/s and uploads with 625 kbyte/s simultaneously, then v3.3 downloads with max speed, but burns down the hard drive (It's writing constantly and flushing at the end is really slow with multiple downloads), and the upload speeds are like 2-300k max. and this is with NO download.
  7. Downloading more than one torrent makes my hard drive constantly writing and slow as hell, upload speeds are a lot slower than in 3.2, please fix these bugs. It's still an alpha not beta! Thanks. (I won't make a clean install.)
  8. uTP limits (on) are producing slow and unstable downloads in recent (25440 and prev. one) versions, sometimes (and I mean often, 3-5 times a day) the cable modem drops the connections too and it slows the connections system wide. Turned it off for now.
  9. Thank you for the new beta, but please do not change the UI Settings/Show a windows that displays the files... option every time a new version is released. It's annoying to see that the torrent files are downloading without any question or selection although it was checked in the prev. version. Thank you!
  10. You can find all the previous versions here: The new version keeps crashing (Win7 x86)!
  11. Sorry to say this, but the newest beta is causing BSODs with strange "memory management" errors on my pc every 2-3 hours... I went back to stable 1.6, no more BSODs. Since utorrent is the only soft running on my PC atm, I can only think that there is a bug regarding to memory management in the beta. I have an AMD Athlon X2 with XP SP2 Pro (32bit), 1GB ram, hope you can figure this bug out, thanks.