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  1. Yet another 2.2.1 user here. The day uTorrent ditches the intrusive advertising and bloat and returns to its roots, I'll happily upgrade. Until then, you're just shooting yourselves in the foot. This IS, after all, the client which gained fame for being tiny. I've been using some form of uTorrent since 2006 when I ditched Bloatzureus. But the new versions have given me few reasons to update past 2.2.1, and plenty of reasons NOT to. I've seen this happen time and time again with countless projects. It always follows the same cycle: 1) greed takes over, 2) the experienced user base jumps ship first, followed by the more casual/novice users who get advice from the experienced users, 3) the project fades into irrelevance. Oh, and you could start by actually addressing the concerns of your users instead of being snotty and deleting their posts.