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  1. the newest one in the repository was 1.1.2, but adding torrents works now! i noticed a few other things: Percent values are displayed in a strange way sometimes. For example in the "General" tab of the torrent detail pane i see something like that: "Seeds: 12 of 25 connected (¿? in swarm)" or "Peers: 28 of 55 connected (¿? in swarm)" or when adding a torrent with existing data i get "Checked ??%" in the Status column. (Yes this time with 2 upright question marks) Is this still a matter of Wine? or do i have to enable a special charset to display the numbers correctly? (Problem occurs in Firefox 3.0.3 as well as in Internet Explorer 7.0.5713.13 mfg pontomedon EDIT: one more thing: sorting torrents by the ETA collumn treats the infinite sign in a wrong way: it gives me: <infinite> - 15m - 7h - 14h when sorting ascending and the other way round when sorting descending.
  2. I'm using uTorrent 1.8 build 11813 on Vector Linux 5.9 Std. Gold with Wine 0.9.54. I never downloaded a webui.zip, because the WebUI was working right from the start. When i go to http://myip:myport/gui/ i get into the WebUI 0.361, authenticating with the user|pass combo i specified in the options. Everything seems to work, i can modify the preferences, delete torrents, etc, but i cannot add torrents. When i enter a local torrent file and click OK (the one right under the path field), the path field is cleared, but the add torrent form stays. When i enter a url and click OK (the one at the bottom) the add torrent form disappears. but either way no torrent is added. any ideas what the problem could be? pontomedon P.S.: i hope you can tell me how get the webUI to work, because with it uTorrent would be the perfect tool for my very old linux server, because the only useable webui of another torrent client is imho the one of Azureus and yours is WAY better. (And Azureus also is a big resource-eater, so it's not really useable on such an old machine.