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  1. Same problem with windows7 64bit http://i49.tinypic.com/15gzat3.png
  2. I have a problem: downloading and sending is interrupted often and I noticed that the report I see this [2009-10-01 23:19:25] Unbanned [2009-10-01 23:19:29] Unbanned [2009-10-01 23:26:23] Unbanned [2009-10-01 23:26:28] Unbanned [2009-10-01 23:40:52] Unbanned [2009-10-01 23:40:57] Unbanned use the version 1.8.4 (build 16688) this is normal? Nobody knows why utorrent bans the IP of my router?
  3. schnurlos: thank you for info, is now clearer DreadWingKnight: Seeding goal set to a high value with it not met yet? yes, i've not limited the seed goal...
  4. The two files are complete to 100%.. But, it indicates how if I had yet to complete the dowload... Sorry for my bad english
  5. Version 1.8.1 beta (build 12495) There is a bug?