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  1. I created an account just because of this thread, I started using utorrent around the end of 2010 and every time that a update arrived I just clicked yes. As time went by I noticed (obviously) ut freezing up and having other related crashes. But at that time I was completly new to computer use and torrenting , I was using XP on a old 2002 Compaq with 100 GB hdd and 512mb ram, and and kind of extra memory use was vital since I was allways on the verge of crashing, and I have to say each new version of ut saw my problems grow, Ill shorten this up I stopped using the new builds at 3.1.3 build 27636. I switched back to 2.2.1 build 25273 and my freezing and crashing basically ended. So yes I would like some new bells and whistles and that compaq has since been dead but on every machine I use I dont touch anything newer than 2.2.1 build 25302 Now Using A Gateway with 750 GB hdd and Dual core pross with 3 Gig of ram which is still archaic and slow but my 2.2.1 that has at least 500-700 torrents in various stages of use active and stopped with changes being made regularly as per needed.Its still running like a champ. Now if you could take any Build before 3. and mix that with all the extras since, You would hands down have the finest client barnone,thanks for making this thread I hope the devs find the compromise to improve the brand back to that little tiny bittorant client that really worked on any machine.