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  1. [2008-10-01 21:55:36] IP: Disconnect: Timed out [2008-10-01 21:55:40] IP: [µTorrent 1.8 (5.0)]: Disconnect: Connection closed [2008-10-01 21:56:59] IP: Disconnect: Incoming legacy not allowed those i got all the time connection closed on all 1.8 and above users
  2. yeah i was using the latest beta then downgraded to 1.8 and 1.7.7..only 1.7.7 was suddently working only with connecting to peers properly switeck no i didn't read the troubleshootguide but yeah the problem connecting to peers actually started with one of the latest beta builds
  3. yeah i mean fluent with ..more people connect to me on initial seeding including the 1.8 and betas..better general speed for the peers cuz i couln't connect to any of the 1.8 users properly....but yeah if you think thats a normal 1.8 behaviour then we can leave it like that.... edit: if just 1 or 2 peers would disconnect from me that would be ok..but like everyone in the swarm?....not very likely that none of the 1.8 users or above wouldn't share or skip any incomplete files.... i got 16 peers with 1.8 and above and they all disappear when i am using any 1.8 version
  4. yeah its a multifile torrent that i am seeding right now... the seed process seems to be alot more fluent now with 1.7.7
  5. hi there i found a very odd bug. when i am seeding a torrent with utorrent 1.8 or the current betas the connection to other people using 1.8 or betas are very unstable to not connectable at all. i am only seeing other clients in my peers list. the 1.8x users are just popping up and disapearing again. however i switched back to the 1.7.7 client and voila everything seems fine again no popping up and disapearing 1.8 users anymore they behave like they should. this however i am experincing mostly on public torrents but on private trackers it seems fine.