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  1. dAbReAkA, you mentioned using "cache boost" to keep from using more memory while the cache feature is enabled in utorrent. May I ask what program you are speaking of? *edit* by cache boost do you mean the diskio.flush_files option in advanced settings?*edit* I want to use the cache feature to protect the harddrive, but can't afford it in RAM sometimes when running a lot of other programs. Utorrent uses crazy low resources as long as the cache feature is not ticked. It's still lower than other clients with the cache enabled, but substantially higher than utorrent's usual RAM usage. Thanks a bunch .
  2. Has any one else noticed less utorrent clients in their peer list? I've never seen utorrent as the majority in the 1st place (always Azureus or Bitcomet, what the hell are those ppl thinking?), but there were always many utorrent peers there. Now there seems to be less, but I could just be paranoid. Utorrent should be dominating the peer list with it's heavy weight functionality at a welter weight size; do mofos not comprehend how bada$$ this lil mofo really is? I hope this PF bs hasn't ran users away. I gave the Slyck writer a piece of my mind in the article's thread on their forums.
  3. so small yet still it's the biggest baddest motherf-hush yo mouth bt client out there. µtorrent looks Compromise in the face and says, "muahahahaha, your day is over." Thanks Ludde and any others who help make µtorrent, it's no longer the best alternative, it is the best period.