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  1. Tried using the new version and had trouble with the new interface and the reduced advanced options choice! Still using 2.2.1 till this day and haven had any troubles. I am on Win 7 x64. The only feature I am missing from the 3.x versions is the ability to search through your added torrents using the search field in the top right. However, the lack of that feature cannnot overwhelm me to switch to 3.x, cause the changes to the interface are horrific! It takes way too much space for no reason, and therefore prohibits for a nice overview of the added torrents. If the reason behind it was to boost the touch capabilities and the new High DPI screens, the make it inteligent and give the choice to optimize for touch, high dpi or choose to keep it as it was in 2.2.1. Thank you! P.S. I am also very interested in how the 13 pages of 2.2.1 praise will/have influenced your development. Judging on the last few releases, it seems that our opinion in simply neglected and discarded.