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  1. Hi Rafi your suggestion worked mate I downloads a very large torrent and saved it within Utorrent to a local drive on my PC and then transferred to to my WD My Clud and it never missed a beat so don't know what is going on there as all my torrents used to download to the NAS before without any issues but now decided to not work anymore but hey this will also work and don't mind this if it is going to work!!
  2. I didn't realise a user can only make limited amount of posts so now locked out for the day

  3. Hello Rafi when I went thrpough the ppppprcess of adding a new torrent to my PC this is what came up which is what I think you are referring to yes?
  4. Hi Rafi plenty of disc space left (see pic) and U Torrent was working fine then stopped suddenly which is when I started to see it looking like the previous pic!! So I cannot understand what changed it especially when it was downloading at between 2.5MB/s to 3MB/s and now nothing!!
  5. Hello to the group I am in need of some asistance please! I am not a PC guru nor do I profess to be but have downloaded and installed U Torrent recently and set it up using some online guides and it was working fine (or so it seemed) and was getting download speeds up to 3MB/s until the other day and now it is saying network error cannot read to disk or the other one says cannot write to disk PC is brand new and as I said the torrent client was working fine!! How can I resolve this issue and get it back to downloading?? I have included an attached pic of what I see now!! Please give me some suggestions bearing in mind I may need gentle treatment! TIA