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  1. @Directrix & the team New 0.361 works a treat. Thanks for the hard work.
  2. Having a little more play with 0.361 and I'll see if I can describe what's happening more clearly. If I hide a column, for example 'Size' then the whole column is hidden, but also the data under under 'Done' The column 'Done' now has all the data from 'Downloaded' under it, and all the rest of the column's data, to the right of the hidden column, has shifted left. Haven't seen anyone else mention this, so it might be my setup, but it's standard. IE7.0.6001.18000 Utorrent 1.8 (build 11813) Webui 0.361 (1220486382)
  3. Just loaded 0.361 and works in IE7 now. But when hiding columns, it affects the columns to the right of the hide. ie, hide Labels and the figures from Available move to Peers. Hide any column and all colums to the right are affected. (I know what I mean, just cant describe it correctly)
  4. Found a copy of 0.350 lurking on another box so have gone back to that while waiting for 0.361. I'll back the idea that earlier version should be made available, keeping the latest incarnation as and old versions as etc
  5. @Ultima: Thanks. I await with bated breath
  6. IE7.0.6001.18000 Utorrent 1.8 (build 11813) Webui 0.360 I had 0.350 installed and working fine. downloaded 0.360 and now stuck at Loading. Deleted Settings.dat & settings.dat.old, restarted uTorrent and reconfigured but still the same. Deleted all cookies etc but still stuck at loading. Even went as far as removing Java and reinstalling. Is 0.350 still available for download anywhere?
  7. Eejit

    WebUI v0.315

    TorPark seems good, but would suffer from getting though Shell's firewall also (I think) I'll have a go with the flash and the get proxie utility when I get back to work. Damn! I'll give everything a try when I get back! Cheers
  8. Eejit

    WebUI v0.315

    This is brilliant. Worked straight out of the box so to speak. I'm just a little pissed that it doesn't support IE6. Just like fraxx, my system at work is totally locked down with IE6 being the browser of choice (go figure !) Now, although Firefox portable might seem like the answer to my prayers, the problem arises when trying to configure a proxy. It's all done through scripts on IE that I can't seem to get access to so I've no idea what to set Firefox to. That's why I'd like support for IE6, 'cos I don't suppose Shell, with their GID system and security paranoia, let me have the info I require. Until Shell see the light and upgrade to IE7 or even better, Firefox, then it looks like I will have to give the Flash uTorrent Web Interface a try. Thanks for a fantastic system. Hmmm........ Just looked at the Firefox portable support pages and there's a utility called "Proxy Get Utility" Could this be the answer? Will have to wait until I get back to work in a fortnight to try it.