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  1. Shinelikethunder

    Disaster after allowing update

    I clicked on a magnet link and selected "Open uTorrent." uTorrent launched, the "add torrent" dialog box came up, and uTorrent presented an update dialog box. I selected OK for the update, uTorrent closed, then the updated version opened, The "add torrent" dialog didn't open. The torrent I was trying to add isn't in the list of torrents. If I go back to the magnet link and try to add the torrent, uTorrent says it's already in the list of active torrents and I can neither add it nor remove it. Total disaster. I have no idea what to do next to download the torrent I wanted. Last time I let uTorrent update itself. From now on. I'll download and install new versions myself.
  2. Shinelikethunder

    All is lost if torrents folder is missing

    If the folder where torrents are stored is inaccessible when uTorrent is started, an error indicating that the torrent file is inaccessible is produced for each torrent. This error persists for all torrents even after access to that folder is restored and uTorrent is restarted. It is possible to force a recheck of all torrents, but I never let the process go long enough to find out how long it takes to recheck 1.5 TB. Further, all memory is lost of which files were selected/deselected for the torrents that are rechecked. If you haven't backed up the resume.dat file, all is lost.