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  1. uTorrent 2.2.1 This was the last working version for me. No "Disc overloaded 100%" error massage, so I can download everything in full speed. The last working version is 2.2.1.
  2. This bug since 2.2.1 +. The last working version is 2.2.1. Please check what you develop since 2.2.1, because the disc cache bug only in 2.2.1+ Please fix it!
  3. Please fix the disc cache bug!
  4. We still waiting to the fix of the disc overload bug.
  5. Hello, Some users said they could not download some torrent because they got this error: "Get string too short." (input_length < 60) We checked by Wireshark and we found out, the uTorrent cuts the first 10 character from the begin of the passkey. So this is that the uTorrent send: b33f5b392241183152d659/announce?info_hash=d%7d.%21%c9%d2%aa%0e%f3%1az%cc%2b%c4%f2g%aa%20%9d%f3&peer_id=-UT2210-%d6b%26d%9c%de7%ea%b8%7d%89%b4&port=25490&uploaded=0&downloaded=0&left=1600453368&corrupt=0&key=11DA2C22&event=started&numwant=200&compact=1&no_peer_id=1 As you can see, the passkey only 22 character, not 32, BUT in the client it is 32 character, so the problem is in the sending.
  6. We tried all the 3.1.x versions. 3.0 or below it's working. So the bug in 3.1.x. I am using 2.2.1, so it's not a problem for me, but thousands of users who use 3.1.x can not upload.
  7. Ok, thank you, I will send. Edit: sent.
  8. How can I send you PM, or e-mail?
  9. And what if the site accept the signed integers?
  10. But it's not working only with 3.1.x! 3.0 or less it is still working! So I think it is uTorrent's fault. I think uTorrent 3.0 used signed integers too, and I think the nCore torrent site accept the signed and unsigned integers both. So it will be an uTorrent's bug.
  11. A lots of tracker do not accept the signed integers. Why it is necessary in 3.1.x to use signed integers? So many users can not upload because of this stupid thing. If the 3.0 and less already worked only with unsigned integers, why it is necessary to use signed integers?
  12. When will you fix this bug? The torrents which made by uTorrent 3.1.x we can not upload to some private torrent site (for example to the nCore, the biggest torrent site in Hungary)! Please do something! (The torrent sites said: "incorrect/invalid torrent file".) The upload is working with 3.0 or older uTorrent, but still not working with 3.1.x. Please fix the bug! The uTorrent 3.1 (beta) published in January and we still can not upload the torrents which made by uTorrent 3.1. Please fix! You make unnecessary updates again and again, but we can't download because of the disk load bug and we can't upload because of the bug that I wrote. Please think!
  13. Unnecessary updates... again. Please fix the disk overloaded BUG firstly!
  14. No probleme with my hard drive, because no probleme with uTorrent 1.7.7. So it is the new uTorrent's fault.