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      Important Security Advisory   06/07/2016

      On June 6th, 2016, BitTorrent was made aware of a security issue involving the vendor which powers our forums.
      The vulnerability appears to have been through one of the vendor’s other clients, however it allowed attackers to access some information on other accounts. As a result, attackers were able to download a list of our forum users. We are investigating further to learn if any other information was accessed.Our vendor has made backend changes so that the hashes in the file do not appear to be a usable attack vector. As a precaution, we are advising our users to change their passwords. While the passwords may not be used as a vector on the forums, those hashed passwords should be considered compromised. Anyone using the same password for forums as well as other places is strongly advised to update their passwords and/or practice good personal security practices.


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  1. macOS 10.13 will have a cutoff date of 2019 for all 32-bit applications. They will cease working some time that year. uTorrent for Mac is still a 32-bit application. Are there plans to recompile it 64-bit so we can continue to use it?
  2. Hopefully with the change of management at uTorrent the mac version will finally start getting updates again.
  3. After asking in a few other places too, I was pointed towards this reddit post which has the solution to my issue. It looks like the macOS version of uTorrent has been kept so out of date it doesn't work with their RSS feed while the Windows version does. But changing the RSS feed to the undocumented (as far as I could find) /rssdd_magnet.php gets it working again.
  4. I'm revisiting an issue from a year ago that had no replies. I'm subscribed to RARBG's RSS feeds. The feed shows plenty of things to download. When I double-click on something to start the download, I'm getting an error stating "Unable to load "https://rarbg.to/rss_rt.php?id=n6brtqo8xa&m=d": HTTP Error 400", but with that ID changing depending on the file I'm trying to download, clearly. Is anyone able to assist in troubleshooting this and resolving the issue? I'm running uTorrent 1.8.7 (41986) ad-free on macOS 10.12.4.