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  1. time so switch and get familiar with another torrent program so long micro(?)torrent
  2. in ui settings--> system tray, if "always activate when clicked" is disabled, sometimes utorrent does not open when clicking the tray icon ! please fix this
  3. when utorrent 3.0 is minimized to tray, sometimes the utorrent-window does not open when I left click the tray-icon (bottom right corner next to the clock). I have to rightclick the icon first and then leftclick to get it back... using windows 7 64 bit...
  4. after installing 15589, all gui customizations in webui are reset (menu columns order, categories etc)...ive sorted the menu three times now, it just resets itself randomly on logins...never had this problem before. happens with both webui 3.61 and 3.62 (2009-05-31). Using Firefox